Downloads- Flux Balance Analysis

A new tutorial on FBA and other constraint-based methods using the COBRA Toolbox and the Core E. coli Model, from Nature Biotechnology.

An FBA primer( from Nature Biotechnology.

A demo of our FBA program (for Windows9x/ME/NT/2000) Includes: FBA program as well as input files for simulating central metabolism in E. coli

Related Publications

Orth, J.D., Thiele, I., and Palsson, B.Ø. What is flux balance analysis?Nature Biotechnology28: 245-248 (2010).

Edwards,J.S., Covert, M., and Palsson, B.Ø. Metabolic Modeling of Microbes: the Flux Balance Approach. Environmental Microbiology4(3): pp. 133-140 (2002).

Important early references in the area