M. barkeri SBML files

SBML files contain reconstruction (see sbml.org for documentation)

  • reactions (format: ‘R_< reaction abbreviation >’)

    • reaction name, reversibility, reaction stoichiometry, gene-protein-reaction (GPR) association, subsystem, E.C. number
  • metabolites (format: ‘M_< metabolite abbreviation >_< compartment abbreviation >’)

    • metabolite name, compartment, charge, formula (appended to the end of the name, _FORMULA)
  • Optional (files noted with a 'flux'): a flux distribution associated with a steady-state modeling simulation

    • lower bound, upper bound, objective coefficient, flux value, reduced cost


iAF692 Published in Molecular Systems Biology (2006)

SBML (level 2, version 1): Mb_iAF692.xml

SBML (level 2, version 1) w/ a flux distribution: Mb_iAF692_flux1.xml File info: This flux distribution was generated using FBA optimizing for the flux through the 'Mb_biomass_30' reaction in the network. The constraining exchange reaction flux in the simulation is the 'Ex_meoh(e)' reaction (methanol uptake of 5.088 mmol gDW-1 hr-1). Anaerobic minimal media conditions. See file for all system constraints.

SBML files are periodically updated. For changes, see change log.