Extreme Pathway Analysis

An ExPA program (2001)

  • An example input file (Red Blood Cell metabolism) for ExPA program

A new ExPA program (02/16/05)

  • Accepted as an Application Note in Bioinformatics
  • Zip file includes: Program, help files, and input files

A new Linux ExPA program (02/16/05) -Linux Version

  • Tar file includes: Source code, help files, and input files

A new Mac ExPA program (1/25/05) -Mac OSX Version

  • Courtesy of Dr. Ranjan Srivastava (srivasta@engr.uconn.edu),
    Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

  • Zip file includes: Program, help files, and input files

  • To use, simply launch a terminal window and type "macexpa.out (input file)" at the prompt. Before using the first time, the program might need to be converted into an executable by typing "chmod u+x macexpa.out" at the prompt. The program will generate the output in the "Paths.txt" file, as with the original code.

A Mathematica notebook for calculating ExPas (04/06/06) A simple Mathematica notebook for calculating extreme pathways. 3 examples are included. Users only have to evaluate two cells to calculate extreme pathways! A brief documentation is also available from here.

X3 C++ Extreme Pathway program for large scale networks. (2/23/07)

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