A Padawan Programmer’s Guide to Developing Software Libraries

TitleA Padawan Programmer’s Guide to Developing Software Libraries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsYurkovich JT, Yurkovich BJ, Draeger A, Palsson BO, King ZA
JournalCell Systems
PubMed Date10/2017

 With the rapid adoption of computational tools in the life sciences, scientists are taking on the challenge of
developing their own software libraries and releasing them for public use. This trend is being accelerated by
popular technologies and platforms, such as GitHub, Jupyter, R/Shiny, that make it easier to develop scientific
software and by open-source licenses that make it easier to release software. But how do you build a
software library that people will use? And what characteristics do the best libraries have that make them
enduringly popular? Here, we provide a reference guide, based on our own experiences, for developing software
libraries along with real-world examples to help provide context for scientists who are learning about
these concepts for the first time. While we can only scratch the surface of these topics, we hope that this
article will act as a guide for scientists who want to write great software that is built to last.

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