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The SBRG has postdoctoral positions available for talented candidates with documented research experience in the biological, engineering, or computer science fields. Positions are filled on a rolling basis based on the highest quality researchers available to join our team. If you are interested please contact Professor Palsson or Adam Feist, directly with your CV and interests in the lab.

The SBRG is looking to fill positions in the areas of:

  • Structural systems biology

  • Metabolic (M) / Metabolic & Expression (ME) / Transcriptional Regulatory Network (TRN) modeling & numerics

  • Big Data analysis of Omics data sets

  • Meta-structure modeling methods

  • 5-level models for metabolic engineering

  • Model-driven gene function discovery

  • Kinetic models & TSD/modules/structures/thermodynamics

  • Interpretation of Adaptive Laboratory Evolution with Systems Approaches

  • Applying systems analysis and adaptive laboratory evolution to Antibiotic Resistance

For potential undergraduate/rotation student research projects,please follow this link



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