The Metabolism Disease Database

Metabolism Disease Database

A database of curated links between metabolism and disease

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Zielinski DC et. al. Nat Commun. 2015 Jun 9;6:7101.

This database is currently for academic use only. If you would like access, please email from an academic institution email account.


About the database



Computational predictions of metabolic pathways perturbed in disease, based on analysis of gene expression of drug-treated cell lines in culture

Disease-linked Drug-Changed (DISLoDGED) Pathways


Curated associations between metabolism and disease in the literature

Nutrient-Disease Interactions (Set 1)
Detailed Nutrient-Disease Interactions (Set 2)
Metabolic Associations with Physiological Systems
Therapeutic Nutrient Supplements (extracted from Set 1)


Components contained within the database

Side effects
Metabolic Pathway Inhibitors




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