Laurence Yang

Project Scientist

I develop optimization-based integrated models of metabolism, protein expression, and transcriptional regulation, and analyze them in the context of multi-omics datasets.


  • 2012: Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • 2008: M.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto
  • 2006: B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto

Professional Experience

  • 2012-2014: Scientist, Intrexon Corporation, San Diego, CA, USA


Key Selected Publications

  • L Yang, JT Yurkovich, CJ Lloyd, A Ebrahim, MA Saunders, BO Palsson (2016) Principles of proteome allocation are revealed using proteomic data and genome-scale models. Scientific Reports, 7:40863.
  • L Yang, D Ma, A Ebrahim, CJ Lloyd, MA Saunders, BO Palsson (2016) solveME: fast and reliable solution of nonlinear ME models. BMC Bioinform, 17:391.
  • L Yang, J Tan, EJ O'Brien, J Monk, D Kim, HJ Li, P Charusanti, A Ebrahim, CJ Lloyd, JT Yurkovich, B Du, A Draeger, A Thomas, Y Sun, MA Saunders, and BO Palsson (2015) A systems biology definition of the core proteome of metabolism and expression is consistent with high-throughput data. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 112:10810-10815.
  • L Yang, S Srinivasan, R Mahadevan, and WR Cluett (2015) Characterizing metabolic pathway diversification in the context of perturbation size. Metab Eng, 28:114-122.
  • K Zhuang, L Yang, WR Cluett, R Mahadevan (2013) Dynamic strain scanning optimization: an efficient strain design strategy for balanced yield, titer, and productivity. DySScO strategy for strain design. BMC Biotechnol, 13:8.
  • L Yang, WR Cluett, R Mahadevan (2011) EMILiO: a fast algorithm for genome-scale strain design. Metab Eng, 13:272-281.
  • S Garg, L Yang, R Mahadevan (2010) Thermodynamic analysis of regulation in metabolic networks using constraint-based modeling. BMC Research Notes, 3:125
  • L Yang, R Mahadevan, WR Cluett (2008) A bilevel optimization algorithm to identify enzymatic capacity constraints in metabolic networks. Comput Chem Eng, 32:2072-2085

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Conference Proceedings

  • L Yang, W Cluett, R Mahadevan (2010) Rapid design of system-wide metabolic network modifications using iterative linear programming. Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, 9: 391-396.
  • L Yang, R Mahadevan, WR Cluett (2010) Designing experiments from noisy metabolomics data to refine constraint-based models. American Control Conference, 5143-5148

Book Chapters

  • P Gawand, L Yang, WR Cluett, and R Mahadevan (2013) Metabolic model re finement using phenotypic microarray data. Methods Mol Biol, 985:47-59.


  • Best presentation in session, 2010 American Control Conference, Baltimore, Maryland

Contact Information

Email: lyang at