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E. coli metabolic reactions core - E. coli core model

This is a condensed version of the genome-scale E. coli reconstruction and contains central metabolism reactions. The network contains 62 internal reactions, 14 exchange reactions and a biomass objective function. It is utilized extensively in Systems Biology: Properties of Reconstructed Networks by Bernhard O. Palsson as a teaching device.

iJE660a (Formerly Version 1.01)

(Revised) in Microsoft Excel Format (739 Reactions)

October 4, 2002: An error existed in the previous version 1.01 file. This has been corrected. The L-Lactate transport reaction should have been written for D-Lactate.

iJR904 Published in Genome Biology(2003)

(931 Reactions)

February 23, 2004: Deadend metabolite list updated

July 8, 2004: Nomenclature typos caught by Igor Goryanin's group were corrected (corrected reaction names and metabolite names are shown in red)

iJR904 has been implemented in GAMS and is available

iAF1260 Published in Molecular Systems Biology (2007)] (2077 Reactions) - Supplementary Information 1 from MSB publication