Title Long-term culture-initiating cell expansion is dependent on frequent medium exchange combined with stromal and other accessory cell effects.
Year of Publication 1995
Authors M.R. Koller; M.A. Palsson; I. Manchel; B.Ø. Palsson
Journal PLoS Comput Biol
Abstract Despite considerable effort, the expansion of long-term culture-initiating cells (LTC-ICs) in cultures of purified hematopoietic cells has not yet been achieved. In contrast, LTC-IC expansion has been attained in cultures of bone marrow mononuclear cells (MNC) using frequent medium exchange. The use of frequent medium exchange was, therefore, examined in cultures of CD34-enriched cells. In stromal-free, CD34-enriched cell cultures, medium exchange intervals ranging from 2 days to no feeding for 14 days gave similar results. Six different growth factor combinations, reported by other groups to give optimal expansion of CD34-enriched cells, were tested in comparison with the control combination of IL-3/GM-CSF/Epo/SCF. None of the combinations resulted in improved colony-forming unit-granulocyte macrophage (CFU-GM) expansion or LTC-IC maintenance, although two were equivalent. All stromal-free cultures resulted in loss of LTC-IC to half of input. Because of the limited effect of medium exchange and growth factor variations on CD34-enriched cell cultures, the effect of preformed stroma was next examined. Preformed stroma increased cell (3-fold), CFU-GM (5-fold), and LTC-IC (3-fold) output, but only when the medium was exchanged every other day. Under these conditions, the number of LTC-IC was maintained near input level. The lack of LTC-IC expansion in CD34-enriched cell cultures prompted experiments to examine the effect of cell purification. Parallel cultures were performed at CD34+lin- cell purities of 20%, 40%, 70%, and 95%, with each well containing exactly 4,000 CD34+lin- cells in addition to the CD34- accessory cells required to give the desired percentage. Also, MNC from the same source (approximately 2% CD34+lin-) were cultured at a concentration to give 4,000 CD34+lin- cells per well. As CD34+lin- cell purity was decreased from 95% to 2%, the output of cells, CFU-GM, and LTC-IC increased by threefold to fivefold. The loss of culture performance with purification was likely due to the removal of important accessory cells, because the levels of endogenously produced leukemia inhibitory factor and IL-6 were found to decline significantly with increasing CD34+lin- cell purity. In summary, preformed stroma abrogated the decrease in cell and CFU-GM output from cultured CD34-enriched cells and led to LTC-IC maintenance. In contrast, MNC inocula resulting in a growing stromal layer during the culture led to LTC-IC expansion (3.2-fold).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)
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