Title Optimal selection of metabolic fluxes for in vivo measurement. I. Development of mathematical methods.
Year of Publication 1992
Authors J.M. Savinell; B.Ø. Palsson
Journal PLoS Comput Biol
Abstract The measurement of uptake and secretion rates is often not sufficient to allow the calculation of all internal metabolic fluxes. Measurements of internal fluxes are needed and these additional measurements are used in conjunction with mass-balance equations to calculate the complete metabolic flux map. A method is presented that identifies the fluxes that should be selected for experimental measurement, and the fluxes that can be computed using the mass-balance equations. The criterion for selecting internal metabolic fluxes for measurement is that the values of the computed fluxes should have low sensitivity to experimental error in the measured fluxes. A condition number indicating the upper bound on this sensitivity, is calculated based on stoichiometry alone. The actual sensitivity is dependent on both the flux measurements and the error in flux measurements, as well as the stoichiometry. If approximate physiologic ranges of fluxes are known a realistic sensitivity can be computed. The exact sensitivity cannot be calculated since the experimental error is usually unknown. The most probable value of the actual sensitivity for a given selection of measured fluxes is estimated by selecting a large number of representative error vectors and calculating the actual sensitivity for each of these. A frequency distribution of actual sensitivities is thus obtained giving a representative range of actual sensitivities for a particular experimental situation.
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