Towards genome-scale signalling network reconstructions.

TitleTowards genome-scale signalling network reconstructions.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHyduke DR, Palsson BØ
JournalNature reviews. Genetics
PubMed Date2010 Apr
KeywordsAnimals, Gene Regulatory Networks, Genomics, Humans, Metabolic Networks and Pathways, Models, Biological, Models, Genetic, Signal Transduction, Systems Biology

Biological signalling networks allow living organisms to issue an integrated response to current conditions and make limited predictions about future environmental changes. Small-scale dynamic models of signalling cascades, including mitogen-activated protein kinase cascades, have been developed to generate hypotheses about signal transduction. Owing to technical limitations, these models and the hypotheses they generate have focused on a limited subset of signalling molecules. Now that we can simultaneously measure a substantial portion of the molecular components of a cell, we can begin to develop and test systems-level models of cellular signalling and regulatory processes, therefore gaining insights into the 'thought' processes of a cell.

Alternate JournalNat. Rev. Genet.
PubMed ID20177425



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