Neema Jamshidi

Visiting Scholar


MD, UCSD 2009

PhD, Bioengineering, UCSD 2008

MS, Bioengineering, UCSD 2000

BS, Bioengineering, UCSD 1998

Select publications:

Jamshidi, N. and Palsson, B.Ø., Mass action stoichiometric simulation models: incorporating kinetics and regulation into stoichiometric models, Biophysical Journal 98(2):175-85 (2010).

Jamshidi, N, Palsson, B.Ø., Flux-concentration duality in dynamic nonequilibrium biological networks, Biophysical Journal, 97(5):L11-3 (2009).

Jamshidi, N. and Palsson, B.Ø., Using in silico models to simulate dual perturbation experiments: procedure development and interpretation of outcomes, BMC Systems Biology 3:44 (2009).

Jamshidi, N. and Palsson, B.Ø., Top-Down Analysis of Temporal Hierarchy in Biochemical Reaction Networks, PLoS Computational Biology, 4(9): e1000177. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000177 (2008).

Jamshidi, N. and Palsson, B.Ø., Formulating genome-scale kinetic models in the post-genome era, Molecular Systems Biology 4:171 (2008).

Jamshidi, N, Palsson, B.Ø., Investigating the Metabolic Capabilities of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv Using the in silico Strain iNJ661 and Proposing Alternative Drug Targets., BMC Systems Biology, 1:26 (2007).

Duarte, N.D., Becker, S.A., Jamshidi, N., Thiele, I., Mo, M.L., Vo, T.D., Srivas, R., Palsson, B.Ø., Global reconstruction of the human metabolic network based on genomic and bibliomic data, Proc Natl Acad. Sci U S A, 104(6):1777-82 (2007).

Jamshidi, N., Palsson, B.Ø., Systems biology of SNPs," Molecular Systems Biology 2 doi:10.1038/msb4100077 (2006).

Jamshidi, N., Wiback, S.J., and Palsson, B.Ø., ''In Silico'' Model-Driven Assessment of the Effects of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) on Human Red Blood Cell Metabolism", Genome Research, 12: pp. 1687-1692 (2002).

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