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E. coli

Other E. coli databases (alphabetical order)

ASAP: A Systematic Annotation Package for community analysis of genomes

coliBase: An online database for E. coli, Salmonella and Shigella comparative genomics

Colibri: France's E. coli database of DNA and protein sequences

CyberCell Database: A comprehensive collection of detailed enzymatic, biological, chemical, genetic, and molecular biological data about E. coli

EchoBASE: An integrated post-genomic database for E. coli

EcoCyc: Encyclopedia of E. coli K12 Genes and Metabolism

EcoGene: A collection of information about the genes, proteins, and intergenic regions of the E. coli K-12 genome and proteome

EcoReg: The E. coli Regulation Concortium

E. coli Consortium: The E. coli Model Cell Concortium

Genobase: Japan's E. coli K12 W3110 database of sequence information, proteome, transcriptome, bioinformatics, and literature knowledge

GenProtEC: E. coli genome and proteome database and classification

RegulonDB: Mexico's Database on E. coli Transcriptional Regulation and Operon Organization

TransportDB: Transporter Protein Analysis Database

Transport Links: Transport Protein Overview